All ABOUT Gesualdo in Heaven...


Gesualdo, in Heaven is a puppet show for adult audiences written by Peter Gaffney based on the life and music of Carlo Gesualdo, Renaissance composer and Prince of Venosa...and notorious murderer. Mixing life-size wooden puppets with an original score inspired by his musical inventions, Gesualdo, in Heaven investigates the insomnia, delirium, paranoia and genius of a man whose legacy marks the progressive dissolution of our ability to think the world as a coherent whole.

Gesualdo’s unique commitment to musical chromaticism is at the bottom of this legacy: a disorienting but hauntingly beautiful effect that causes the listener to retro-actively adjust what has already been played— to change by increments the memory of its meaning. Gesualdo was also obsessed with alchemy, and engaged in a lifelong search for the meaning of a collection of symbols that remain to this day undeciphered. His failure was spectacular — like a man who plunges into a forest of symbols in order to grasp its center, he quickly loses his way, and discovers only when it is too late to turn around that the forest is infinite, and that the center follows him with every step.

Gesualdo in Heaven is written by Peter Gaffney and directed by Obie-Award winner John Clancy, with original score by Peter Gaffney and Ben Diamond, puppetry by Jordi Wallen, Sarah Schol and Tabitha Allen, and live performances of “Moro, lasso, il mio duolo,” Gesualdo’s most challenging — and troubling — composition.